Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Night's Storm

Hello darlings! I've been thinking about Emma all day today. Emma is one of my alter-ego's. She is my most spiritual, ethereal, artsy side. She is in love with life and in love with beauty. She see's the good in everyone.  She is also suppose to be in charge of keeping the house lovely.  This frequently involves laundry and cleaning the kitchen, but despite having a particularly Emma day, I am behind on both (again).  Emma would much rather write in her journal, flip through a magazine, or toy with a poem.  I was feeling bad that Emma is so under-represented on the blog, so I'm posting a poem she wrote in March of last year (my apologies to anyone who was hoping for rhymes – it has none).   I do think it touches a little upon why I'm blogging . . .

by Emma (aka Marlene)

The night's storm has slowed to a gentle trickle
Its energy spent in bright bursts and loud claps

My own storm has gathered while I sleep
Potent clouds darkened by whirlwind thoughts

I roll out of bed to find paper and pen
And the storm unleashes upon the page

Finally, spent, it dulls to a drowsy patter
Emptied, Exhausted, I return to my bed

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