Thursday, February 23, 2012

Change of Plans

Sometimes, things do not go the way you plan. Sometimes life knocks you down and you just need to roll with the punches.

The Plan The Reality
Sat 9 Mile Run Took Matt to the Emergency Room with a badly broken arm.
Sun Rest 9 Mile Prayer to the beat of my feet on the path - “Dear God, Please Heal Matt's Arm; Guide Me, In the Care of My Family”
Mon Speedwork Morning Appointment, Afternoon Surgery, Overnight hospital stay – sleeping in a chair next to Matt's bed.
Tues Spinning Supporting Matt's recovery and pain management. Too physically and emotionally exhausted to workout.
Wed Tempo Run Still supporting Matt, Still exhausted, did a strength workout at 10pm – better than nothing.

There is nothing like a longer than expected surgery on your child to make you realize how very blessed you are, how very precious life is, and how much your family means to you. Nothing else really matters.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Free Speech Baby

Darlings, I love a good snotty political post now and again. If the intent of sharing your political opinion is to let off steam, entertain, or illicit positive feedback from like minded individuals – keep doing what you are doing - free speech baby – go nuts! If, however, your hope is to persuade or educate, I suggest that you refrain from insulting your audience, their current political beliefs, or their current political candidate. Approach your audience with respect, look for common ground, and they might actually give credence to your words. I'll try to do the same. #mytwocents

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Personality Feature # 27

Personality Feature # 27: I don't like being told what to do.

Seriously, do not tell me what to do. I don't even listen to my own directions. If I make myself a to-do list, I might just refuse to follow it. It's ridiculous really. I have to get pretty crafty in order to fool myself into getting things done.

My current strategy is delegation. Unfortunately, hubby is pretty busy with work and the kids have school and sports, so that leaves – well, just me. But the to do list is just too overwhelming if I can't at least pretend I'm delegating to someone, so I've created alter-ego's to do all my work for me.

There is Megan – she is my freakishly organized, money managing, career focused assistant. Sophie is a health nut – she is in charge of catering and health management. Artistic Emma keeps the house clean and beautiful. Hannah, the dear, is an amazing photographer and takes care of all kid support categories. Lola, is a sexy and adventurous athlete (she is the one running the marathon – I even have a race shirt with the name Lola on it) .

With all of these assistants, I don't get as overwhelmed. In addition, it allows me to walk more boldly in my roles. As Marlene, it would never occur to me to call myself sexy, but Lola is damn sexy (and yet still me). As Emma, I get to take my creative whims seriously; she is, after all, an artist (a label I'd be less comfortable applying to myself as Marlene).

Just to be clear, I do not have multiple personalities (I'm as screwed up as the rest of you, but not quite that screwed up ). What can I say - this bizarre arrangement works for me. How do you keep from getting overwhelmed by all of your roles?

Monday: Run - 10 min warmup, 6 x (1 minute 5K pace then 3 min easy), 10 min cool down
Tuesday: Spinning
Wednesday: Run - 2 miles easy, 2 miles @ half marathon pace, 2 miles easy
Thursday: Spinning
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 8 miles easy
Sunday: Rest  
Catering Corner:
For you paleo kooks, - a link to a fun paleo crockpot blog (I tried the Curry Chicken):

For the rest of you, - a poem . . .

I eye my prey;
my teeth sink in,
my eyelids limp,
delectable sin.

(I call it “Ode to Cookie”)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Marathon Plans

I know!   My photos never match my story!  :)

So, I signed up for the Chicago Marathon! I'm sooooo excited - or excited as you can be for something that is 246 days away. It is going to be good.  So, every year I have the same goals for the marathon. . .
  1. Start the race (I'm 6 for 7)
  2. Finish the race (I'm 5 for 7)
  3. Celebrate the day (7 for 7 baby!!!)
  4. Finish in under 5 hours (0 for 7 – that's right ZERO! NONE! NILL! NEVER!)

But this is the year – I will come in under 5 hours.  The end. Done Deal.  No take-backs. 

At this point training is still pretty mild. I'm at 20 miles per week with an 8 mile long run. Nothing stellar, but I'm building slowly (for my dear sweet knee who is going to cooperate with me this year thank you very much).

     Sunday: not a darn thing!
     Monday: 6 mile run (slow and easy)
     Tuesday: strength work (a la Jackie Warner)
     Wednesday: 6 mile run (slow and easy)
     Thursday: killer spinning class (a la Dawn)
     Friday: rest day :)
     Saturday: 8 – 10 mile long run planned

And now it's time for QUOTES and THOUGHTS (drum roll please):
QUOTES FROM THICH NHAT HANH (read in calm, slow, soft voice for best effect):
Because peace in yourself is peace in the world.” . . .
So making peace with our body is very important.” . . .
You have to treat your body with non-violence.” . . .
THOUGHTS FROM ME (to be read in a fast jumbled no pauses squirrel brain voice for best effect):
OK, so, is training for a marathon treating my body with non-violence?  I don't know. I'm hoping so. I'm being kind to my body - exercising is good - right! I try to put good things in my body.  I keep bad things out (ok, ok, ok, not being completely honest there, but we'll talk about the beer and chocolate later).  Well, whatever, I'm calling it nonviolence so there.  boom!  (maybe I should take a break from listening to monks).

New habit check-in:
January: Begin Meditation Habit (I'm 34 for 34 in 2012!!!)
February: Begin Regular Blogging (at least Weekly) (1 for 1 in 2012!)