Friday, February 3, 2012

Marathon Plans

I know!   My photos never match my story!  :)

So, I signed up for the Chicago Marathon! I'm sooooo excited - or excited as you can be for something that is 246 days away. It is going to be good.  So, every year I have the same goals for the marathon. . .
  1. Start the race (I'm 6 for 7)
  2. Finish the race (I'm 5 for 7)
  3. Celebrate the day (7 for 7 baby!!!)
  4. Finish in under 5 hours (0 for 7 – that's right ZERO! NONE! NILL! NEVER!)

But this is the year – I will come in under 5 hours.  The end. Done Deal.  No take-backs. 

At this point training is still pretty mild. I'm at 20 miles per week with an 8 mile long run. Nothing stellar, but I'm building slowly (for my dear sweet knee who is going to cooperate with me this year thank you very much).

     Sunday: not a darn thing!
     Monday: 6 mile run (slow and easy)
     Tuesday: strength work (a la Jackie Warner)
     Wednesday: 6 mile run (slow and easy)
     Thursday: killer spinning class (a la Dawn)
     Friday: rest day :)
     Saturday: 8 – 10 mile long run planned

And now it's time for QUOTES and THOUGHTS (drum roll please):
QUOTES FROM THICH NHAT HANH (read in calm, slow, soft voice for best effect):
Because peace in yourself is peace in the world.” . . .
So making peace with our body is very important.” . . .
You have to treat your body with non-violence.” . . .
THOUGHTS FROM ME (to be read in a fast jumbled no pauses squirrel brain voice for best effect):
OK, so, is training for a marathon treating my body with non-violence?  I don't know. I'm hoping so. I'm being kind to my body - exercising is good - right! I try to put good things in my body.  I keep bad things out (ok, ok, ok, not being completely honest there, but we'll talk about the beer and chocolate later).  Well, whatever, I'm calling it nonviolence so there.  boom!  (maybe I should take a break from listening to monks).

New habit check-in:
January: Begin Meditation Habit (I'm 34 for 34 in 2012!!!)
February: Begin Regular Blogging (at least Weekly) (1 for 1 in 2012!)

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