Thursday, February 23, 2012

Change of Plans

Sometimes, things do not go the way you plan. Sometimes life knocks you down and you just need to roll with the punches.

The Plan The Reality
Sat 9 Mile Run Took Matt to the Emergency Room with a badly broken arm.
Sun Rest 9 Mile Prayer to the beat of my feet on the path - “Dear God, Please Heal Matt's Arm; Guide Me, In the Care of My Family”
Mon Speedwork Morning Appointment, Afternoon Surgery, Overnight hospital stay – sleeping in a chair next to Matt's bed.
Tues Spinning Supporting Matt's recovery and pain management. Too physically and emotionally exhausted to workout.
Wed Tempo Run Still supporting Matt, Still exhausted, did a strength workout at 10pm – better than nothing.

There is nothing like a longer than expected surgery on your child to make you realize how very blessed you are, how very precious life is, and how much your family means to you. Nothing else really matters.

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