Friday, March 2, 2012

My Top Ten Food Failures

So, the local newspaper asked: “Have you ever made a meal that just didn't quite work out?” Your kidding – right?  Pretty sure I could be the poster girl for that. So, for your reading pleasure, I have outlined my top 10 food related failures . . .

10. Leaving the veggies in the microwave (overnight).
9.   Setting off the smoke alarm (admit it - you have done this too).
8.   The numerous times I have been required to change the name of a recipe (because the final product was so far off it's originally intended form)
7.   Forgetting to plug in the crockpot.
6.   Math malfunctions when doubling cookie dough recipes.
5.   “Chocolate” taco shells – that is what they look like if you leave them in the oven long enough
4.   Pizza Muffins made out of cooked Quinoa – need I say more?
3.   The Pumpkin Soup Experiment (picture soup covered walls)
2.  The Hamburger Helper Science Lesson: if you put a tightly fitting lid on a hot pan and let it cool long enough, the lid will never come off – ever.

and finally, the top food related failure is . . .

1.    The Finger Cookie Fiasco
In my defense, I was just a kid . . . One day, my sister and I decided to make cookies.  She was demonstrating a very creative technique for getting cookie dough to eat.  It required putting a finger in the dough while the mixer was still running.  There was an accident.  For reasons that I can not explain, I finished making the cookies while she went to the emergency room.  I'm ashamed to admit it, but I actually ate a few cookies before discovering the small lump of fingernail and skin in the dough bowl.  The end.


I don't like being told what to do; even if it was my idea in the first place. As a result, this week's workouts did not go as planned:

Monday: planned speedwork; did yoga
Tuesday: planned spinning; did nothing (oops!)
Wednesday: planned: tempo run; this was my first run since Matt's surgery, so it was actually a very easy slow run
Thursday: planned: spinning; by some miracle I actually did this!
Friday: planned rest; did yoga
Saturday: 8 – 10 mile long run (we shall see what actually happens)
Sunday: swim (this will not happen – I heard the pool was closed)

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