Sunday, March 11, 2012

Food Victories

On Friday, I was chatting with some PTO gals  about food at school events. I was explaining that we'd best avoid food since it is such a controversial subject. They looked at me like I was from Mars! Food is controversial? Obviously, they don't have loved ones with food allergies or diseases that require a specific diet. They have not questioned the validity of the government's food pyramid or wondered how their paleo and vegetarian friends might get along. In their eyes, every school event should involve wheat, sugar, food coloring, and chemicals (aka cookies).

How can they be so oblivious when the food landscape is so complicated and convoluted?

I am no expert on food. In fact, the more I learn, the more confused I get. But I sure as hell know that our children DO NOT need more wheat, sugar, food coloring or chemicals. Oh well – I am too early on this path to change the school.  For now, I'll focus at home. My family still gets it's share of bad food, but I am trying. I'm learning as much as I can and I'm changing things up a bit – in baby steps that my family can handle.

I have recently scored some amazing victories on the food front (please hold the applause until the end) . . .
  1. I have changed up my youngest son's lunch box. I got a planetbox so that I could move away from prepackaged food and towards healthier options. This picture was taken on the very first day he used it. I included the chips, bar, cookie, (and the capri sun in the pocket) to ease him into the transition. Now he has less grains,more fruits, more vegetables, and organic chocolate milk. It takes longer to make his lunches, but I feel soooooo much better about the food he is eating.

  1. I have not eaten grains for an entire week! Just don't ask me about drinkable grains (I have a weakness for beer).
  2. I ordered some Klean Kanteens so that we can move away from capri sun, plastic leaching water bottles, and pop. I should get them by Wednesday – yay!
  3. I ordered these LunchBots. My 12 year old was refusing to bring them to school (he is too cool for any type of "Bot" apparently). However, I cleverly re-branded them (see right side of picture).  Now he is all in (his is the "Umad Bro" one - which is apparently hilarious - I think you have to be a 12 year old to understand).

  4. I have finished reading Little Changes. Or rather listening to it. This inspiring thought provoking book is a big part of my journey (food related and otherwise).   I strongly recommend you get yourself a copy.  And I'll be sharing more about it as well :)
  5. Finally, most exciting of all, I have joined a CSA!  My friends and I have gone in together on vegetable, fruit, and egg shares. It does not start until summer, but I am over the moon.  I expect there to be many more posts about this in the near future.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with my workouts for the past week (I know you are all fascinated) . . .

Monday 4 miles speedwork
Tuesday Yoga Class, Spinning Class
Wednesday 6 miles tempo run (only 2.5 at tempo pace)
Thursday Spinning Class
Friday Rest
Saturday 11 Mile Long Slow Run
Sunday Nothing yet – hope to do some strength work

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