Monday, March 12, 2012

Freezer Jam

I should be working out.  I really, really should be working out, but it will have to wait.  This is too good not to share.  I . . . MADE . . . FREEZER . . . JAM!  I'm like Martha F$#^%ing Stewart!  I just can not get over myself.  And I can get no reaction out of my family (they claim they already knew I was awesome and Martha Stewart like even before I made freezer jam).  So, be excited and surprised for me.   Trust me, this is big!  So, here are a few pictures from my adventure.

As directed by the lovely folks at serious eats, I mashed myself up some fruit - gotta love strawberries!

I made a bit of a mess in the process . . . 
It was a little late, but I put on an apron . . .

I did make the mistake of adding the sugar before mixing it with pectin - oops.  And I made more mess (but no you did not see me licking the counter - that is a lie - although I did consider it - you can't beat sugar and strawberries) . . .
But look what I ended up with.  I'm very proud.  You can congratulate me now.  
Oh - I almost forgot - I got the adorable labels from PoppyTalk.   TTFN!!!!

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