Friday, January 14, 2011

Nightstand Secrets

1.  For starters, you know that I'm ridiculously egotistical (seriously, I have taken a picture of my nightstand and actually believe that you care).
2.  I'm a middle aged mom (young enough to have the art projects, but old enough to need two types of lotion).
3.  I am either so carefree that I don't care what time it is, or I'm so addicted to my iPhone (which incidentally does tell time) that I sleep with it under my pillow.
4.  I have opposable thumbs (otherwise I would not bother owning pens).
5.  I like to read but usually borrow books from the library.  You can see a library card sticking out of the book in front.  And you know I do not own that book.  Because if I had read it and become a highly effective person, I sure as hell wouldn't be taking pictures of my nightstand.
    So, what are the top five things I could learn from your nightstand???

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