Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Great Ice Bath Debate

They say that the best way to recover from a long run is to take an ice bath.  It reduces inflammation, prevents soreness, and speeds up recovery.  Many runners swear by the ice bath method.  I even have a friend who claims she likes it!  Well, darling, I love ya, but YOU'RE WEIRD!  Seriously, after I have run for an arguably insane amount of time, I deserve a %@#$* hot bath.  What is your opinion???

I don't know how many people will actually read this, but I hope at least my husband responds :)


  1. I have never taken an ice bath. My hubby is a 6x marathon runner (boston Q) and has never taken one either. "our" two cents :-)

  2. Ice bath all the way! After long runs, races, and especially marathons, ice baths have worked wonders for my recovery- for all the reasons you mentioned above. In fact, this summer I did 80% of my training on a sprained ankle, and I thank twice-daily, 15-min ice bucket escapades for decreased swelling, increased healing, and the ability to continue. Heat is a no-go post-long run. Ice is a miracle worker. :)