Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Squirrel Brains

I have come to believe that there are truths being offered up by the universe.  These truths hold the answers to everything.  From where you left your keys to how to live your dream life.

The good news, is that God wants us to hear these truths.  The bad news, is that we are not very good listeners.  Some people listen at church.  Others listen during meditation or a long slow run. Those are great methods, but why leave it at that?  The universe is talking all of the time; so why not listen all of the time?

Sounds good in theory, but not so easy in real life.  My squirrel brain is often babbling on so loud and incessantly, that I can hear little else.  But all is not lost, I have found a new way to quiet my brain. She is pictured above destroying an egg carton.  I call her "She Can Offer Up Truths" (actually I just call her Scout, but I like that the acronym works).  When I'm with her, my squirrel brain turns off.  She helps me live in the moment (even if the moment involves extracting my favorite shoes from her mouth).  I'm sure she is here to help me find my truths.  I plan on asking her lots of questions and I'm ridiculously giddy anticipating all that I will learn.

You can ask her questions too if you want (just let me finish writing up the liability waiver).

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