Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chicken Meltdown

This post will answer the age old question . . . What are the dangers involved in overzealous use of a meat tenderizer?

There are the obvious ones . . .
  • smashed thumbs 
  • smashed counters
  • loud noises that scare the crap out of the dog (literally)
Well, none of those really happened to me, but excessive meat pounding will result in chicken breasts flattened out soooooo large that only one will fit in a pan at a time. Of course this will result in a ridiculous amount of time standing over the stove.  And therefore . . .
  • you will get burned by splattering oil at some point.
  • your family will be grumpy because dinner prep will take forever and they will be starving
  • you will be so sick of cooking that you may never do so again
  • AND, you will melt the salt and garlic containers until they bow (see pic - I thought that was pretty impressively pathetic).

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