Monday, December 5, 2011

Garbage Day

I took a walk along Grays Lake the other day – with my camera. I wanted to slow down enough to see the beauty all around me – and capture it on film. There was a time when I had pushed away all of my creative desires. It had seemed childish to try capturing beauty. The sunset or a child's laughter is a fleeting gift to be celebrated, not captured. But I've found that we don't see the beauty if we aren't looking for it. We are too busy with our lives to notice.

So there I was with my camera – trying to capture me some beauty. It was garbage day in the neighborhood surrounding the lake and there were two trucks parked nearby. I'd been taking pictures of the reflections on the lake when one of the garbage men called to me. He told me he knew of a great place to get water reflection pictures and described a scene from his Wednesday morning route. It sounded beautiful (apparently, his fiance takes pictures too). It was a short but lovely conversation – his enthusiasm made my day. In my quest to capture beauty, I'd never have thought to ask the garbage man where to find it.

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